Pattern Maturity Scale

The pattern maturity scale is a way to indicate the level of robustness of any component or asset within the styleguide.

New patterns should be released into the styleguide following these principles, assess each pattern independently of every other component.



  • The user need has been identified, but the approach to solving the problem has not yet been decided.
  • The team has decided to tackle this UI pattern.
  • The pattern has been listed in the roadmap.



Includes everything from the proposed phase, which has been reviewed by the design team, as well as:

  • The pattern has passed all heuristic assessments.
  • Our team hasn’t surfaced any secondary research that would explicitly reject the pattern.
  • First draft of documentation is written.



Includes everything from the proposed and alpha phases, as well as:

  • Pattern is generally usable, on multiple devices, for people with relatively “normal” digital literacy.
  • Pattern works in multiple configurations with other components in the Standards.


Includes everything in the proposed, alpha, and beta phases, as well as:

  • Pattern is usable, on multiple devices, by people with multiple disabilities (blind, low vision, cognitive disabilities, motor disabilities, low language skills, low digital literacy, and more).
  • Documentation is complete.
  • Pattern has been reviewed by external teams and report few problems using it.



Pattern has been removed from the pattern library and design stencils. Pattern has been marked depreciated in release notes.