Organise design styles, create code standards, and maintain a consistent user interface design across your digital product with this boilerplate living styleguide. Made with the power of Jekyll.


This styleguide can be freely customized, extended, published, and shared with designers, developers or clients. It is built using Jekyll, and the design principles are based on the Draft US Design Standards.

The Getting Started pages have all the information you need to start using this tool.


This tool was published in the public domain on 12 September 2016 by Matthew Elsom © 2016 & Beyond. Last Update Sep 20, 2016. License

A few parts of this project are not in the public domain:

  • The files in styleguide/fonts, and _scss/ionicons are extracted from Ionicons, copyright Ben Sperry.
  • The files in _scss/vendor/bourbon are extracted from Bourbon, copyright thoughtbot, inc.
  • The files in _scss/vendor/fontawesome, and src/assets/fonts are from Font Awesome, copyright Dave Gandy.
  • The files in _scss/normalize are from Normalize.css, copyright Nicolas Gallagher and Jonathan Neal.
  • The file js/jquery/jquery-2.1.4.min.js is from jQuery, copyright The jQuery Foundation.
  • The files in fonts/open-sans are extracted from Google Fonts, copyright Steve Matteson.
  • The files in fonts/roboto are extracted from Google Fonts, copyright Christian Robertson.

Please check with rights holders for license details.